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Create a Strategy to Cut Production Time & Cost

All Integrated Solutions works with Next Level Partners, a firm with considerable experience leading lean supply chain transformations, to conduct educational seminars and assess customer operations. To inform our understanding of your unique operational needs, we’ll hold an educational class or a physical one-on-one to help determine how you can lean out the process within a specific area of your facility.

Case Example

Recently, AIS invited several customers to attend a multi-day lean supply chain seminar.

Day 1: Comprehensive lean strategy review at the All Integrated Solutions conference/training center.
Day 2: In-plant analysis of the materials receiving process associated with the All Integrated Solutions VMI program in place at a customer facility.

AIS and Next Level Partners attempted to identify current actions and determine how time to complete the task might be decreased. Through use of value-stream mapping, takt time analysis, and application of 5S concepts, AIS identified 14 kaizen bursts, or opportunities for process improvement.

In partnership with the customer, AIS implemented numerous changes, including an adjustment to the delivery location. Through various takt time reductions and process eliminations, the customer realized significant savings.

Together, with Next Level Partners, AIS can develop a customized program to standardize and implement lean manufacturing practices at your facility. In the current marketplace, many distributors simply do not do this with their customers. AIS is proud to be at the forefront of customer service, efficiency, and process improvements.