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Supply Chain Solutions From Our Engineering & Design Lab

With over five decades of industry experience, All Integrated Solutions has a strong knowledge base that can be called upon when clients approach with problematic situations–or simply want to increase operational efficiency. Using the resources provided by our Engineering & Design Lab, our talented team will develop in-house solutions that may be replicated by our suppliers for convenience and cost-effectiveness.

AIS fully understands the crucial role quality plays in keeping our customers’ assembly lines up and running. That’s why we use our Engineering & Design Lab to perform the following proactive, client-focused tasks:

  1. Production Part Approval Process (PPAP): AIS will carry out a complete inspection of new products to ensure that all components perform to our expectations on the assembly line.
  2. Product Teardowns/Reverse Engineering: Our engineers perform assembly and disassembly of finished products to analyze parts, uncover cost or time savings, and troubleshoot assembly issues.
  3. In-House Assembly Replication: With in-house access to numerous controlled assembly tools, AIS can replicate your assembly process in our lab to analyze performance.
  4. Innovative Solutions: After evaluating your process, our engineers develop custom solutions to your persistent issues. We’ll also design solutions to help reduce costs and improve quality of your final product.

Our Engineering & Design Lab can provide insight on any component, including competitor products.  AIS can evaluate your supply chain and production process to uncover an opportunity for efficiency or cost savings.